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Notice of Co-option of Councillor to Castle Ward, Llandeilo

CCC has advised us that as it did not receive any applications for an election, the Town Council is now in a position to co-opt.

Please find above some details of the co-option process.
Please check that you are eligible as shown on the notice.

The closing date for applying to be co-opted is Wednesday, February 13th.
All applying will then be expected to meet with the Council on Wednesday, February 20th at 7.15pm. The Council will interview all in turn for 15 minutes.

The successful candidate will be inducted onto the Council at the Full Council Meeting on Wednesday, February 27th at 7.30pm.
All co-opted Members have the same responsibilities as elected representatives and will have to abide to the National Code of Conduct

You may confirm your application by email to   



Llandeilo Council Newsletter

Click here to download a copy of the Llandeilo Council newsletter in PDF format.


Llandeilo Train Station and Station Road Redevelopment

These photos show the Llandeilo train station and station road redevelopment. The whole area is being developed in the hope that it will not only improve the appearance of the area but will provide much needed additional parking for the town.


The Restoration of the Western / Upper Churchyard

You may have noticed some developments in the town recently...

The Town Council are excited to announce that much needed ground clearance and landscaping works have commenced in the churchyard closest to King Street, Llandeilo. In response to community and parish concerns, Mayor Dawn Wallace made contact with the Probation Community Payback scheme which was a catalyst for a schedule of works to be undertaken.

Every Saturday, the Probation volunteers are clearing the ground, brambles, ivy and litter whilst paying close attention to the gravestones, monuments, benches and beautiful trees. You can now enjoy a walk through the space, following the exposed paths. The volunteers have been supported by cups of tea, biscuits and chocolates kindly donated by grateful neighbours to the area. Over the Christmas period, it was so pleasing to see fresh flowers laid to rest on graves which were otherwise inaccessible. 

Future plans include the establishment of a 'working party' consisting of the Town Council, The Civic Trust, The Church PCC and community volunteers. Their remit will be to continue the work of this initial clearing and consider how to further develop the space with additional walk-ways, natural contours, more seating and a peaceful, reflective garden setting for the town.  If you would like to volunteer, the Probation Service volunteers are on-site typically from 11am on a Saturday morning. If you have any comments regarding the project, please email the Town Clerk on




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